Events are reflections of the organizers. We love community. We love bringing people together to make magic happen. That’s why people come and make the magic happen.

We didn’t start 360|Conferences to stroke our egos, or make people come to us. In fact the first several years of 360|Conferences events, we moved around the country. We started in 2007 because we wanted to provide the Adobe Flex community a place to come together. To meet each other and collaborate. That was long before it became popular to do so. Since then we’ve added other events to our line up, all do the same reason.

The value of our events has never been technical depth, though we typically have speakers talking about things the rest of the community won’t be talking about for months. It was the magic that comes from cool people all in the same room, talking to each other.

People are constantly telling us how much the conferences changed their lives. They found a new full time gig, or they got the inspiration to go indie and build the game or app they’ve been dreaming of. And much more.


That’s why we do it.

That’s who we are.

John & Nicole Wilker


You can learn more about our specific events at their unique sites:

360|iDev (iOS developer conference)

360|intersect (An event at the intersection of technology and creativity.)

or information on past events, please check out our Past Events page.